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    Solutions to ban coal-fired boilers

    Release date: 2016-05-09 00:00 source: http://www.bmodelsmanagement.com Click:

    Historical events and scientific research have long told the world that air pollution such as haze is extremely harmful to health. China's current serious environmental situation also indicates that optimizing and adjusting the power structure is not only the demand for ensuring power safety, but also the demand for overall national health. It is urgent to carry out the cleaning of "green" power, accelerate the process of power substitution and optimize the power structure.
    Coal boiler transformation system solution
    I. coal to biomass
    The original coal-fired boiler can be replaced by the green special biomass boiler, which can keep the original boiler body still, install the green special biomass combustion machine or refit the biomass feeding equipment, refit the chain exhaust, furnace drying and air supply and exhaust methods, with low investment and operation cost.
    II. Coal to natural gas
    Using green special gas boiler to replace the original coal boiler, the gas boiler has high automation degree, high cleaning degree, reducing labor and sewage cost, but the operation cost is higher than coal boiler.
    III. coal to air energy
    Lvte ultra-low temperature air source heat pump selects the world's advanced jet enthalpy increasing and innovative two stage skills to complete - 35 ℃, weak heating, maximum outlet water temperature of 90 ℃, energy conversion power of 4-5 times of coal boiler, which is an excellent commodity to replace coal boiler.
    IV. coal to geothermal energy, industrial waste heat and sewage energy
    Lvte high efficiency water source heat pump can generate 4-5 times of energy by using a few electric energy, energy conversion power is 7-8 times of that of coal boiler, intelligent control, simple operation, stable operation and low operation cost. It is an efficient commodity to replace coal-fired boiler, especially suitable for residential quarters, work, urban complex, industrial and mining, coal, chemical industry, food, printing and dyeing and other professions, with rich industrial waste heat Capital, rich urban sewage and various construction (cooling) heating and sanitation (Technology) hot water, technical hot water projects.
    V. municipal heat exchange station
    The heat supply of municipal heat supply network is safe and stable. If the municipal heat supply network has been laid close to the buildings, the green special intelligent heat exchange station is selected to connect the municipal heat supply network instead of the original coal boiler heating. The intelligent operation of the system can complete unattended, simple and convenient.
    Vi. coal to electricity boiler
    Lvte high efficiency electric boiler has a thermal power rate of up to 99%, no need for secondary heat exchange equipment, no scaling, and permanent heat exchange power; the electric boiler is connected with the electricity price policy, using low-level heat storage, greatly reducing the operation cost, and the system can complete intelligent operation, can complete unattended, simple and convenient; however, the electric boiler has a large power and high requirements for transformers.

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