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    Vacuum oil quenching furnace

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    High efficiency and energy saving: using high efficiency vacuum hot water boiler technology, the boiler operates in vacuum state, with low boiling point, vaporization latent heat (condensation latent heat) heat exchange, effectively improving the heat efficiency, good heat exchange performance, three-way design, tail flue gas installation of waste heat recovery device, improving the utilization rate of energy sources, the thermal efficiency of the boiler reaches 91%. The unit operates under negative pressure, safe and reliable. The heat medium is in vacuum state, and there is no danger of expansion and explosion. There is a constant amount of heat medium water in the furnace, so there is no danger of dry burning. Multiple automatic protection device has incomparable safety for other boilers.
    No corrosion, no scaling, long service life: the heat exchanger is made of stainless steel, the heat medium injected at one time operates in a closed state, no corrosion and no scaling at high temperature, so its service life is nearly twice longer than that of ordinary boilers, up to 20 years.
    There are various models, one machine is multi-purpose: vertical, horizontal, oil, gas, water pipe, smoke pipe, etc. various models are available for free selection. The heat exchanger is separated from the header. The load of heating water and clean hot water can be switched at any time according to the needs to meet the different requirements of users for heating water and clean hot water in use, so as to ensure the clean and stable hot water.
    Small size, easy installation: modular design, high-performance heat exchange components, small unit size, so that the product is easy to transport and install. In a small space, multiple units can be used in parallel.
    Unique environmental protection function: high performance burner, return flame structure design, sufficient fuel combustion, all environmental protection indicators meet the national emission standards for tourist areas.
    The complicated approval procedures are exempted: the unit operates in vacuum state, and the approval of the pressure window is exempted without annual review, and the operator does not need to hold a certificate.
    Intelligent control: touch screen display, virtual key, Chinese and graphic display system working conditions, online operation, self diagnosis of the fault, full-automatic operation and manual operation can be used for one standby; realize man-machine dialogue.

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