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    Basic knowledge of vacuum oil quenching furnace

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    1. On the water system,
    Because of its built-in heat exchanger, it can be designed under pressure, and can be divided into zones and directly supplied with fan coil and floor heating without additional heat exchanger.
    It can also add heat exchanger partition and modular climate supplementary design. In the expansion is variable flow, mixed water design and other knowledge. Specific construction drawing design does not need to add filter and safety valve, is it "one machine one pump", boiler does not need to be linked with water pump, etc.
    2. On the boiler body
    Boiler structure, furnace pressure, welding technology, material, size, safety protection, etc. compared with the traditional boiler, the most important one is the vacuum degree maintenance technology, which requires good welding technology in cold state. The welding technology is only one aspect, the most important one is the helium general leak detection technology; in hot state, the vacuum hot water boiler needs to solve the hydrogen generated by the reaction of hot water and steel plate, which needs to be eliminated 。
    3. Combustion knowledge
    It is the design of burner and smoke exhaust system.
    4. On the control system
    Group control, remote upload display control, climate supplementary control, etc

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